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Best Time to Visit Uruguay

Best time to visit Uruguay: seasons

Those who wonder which the best time to visit Uruguay might be, the answer would probably be always, since every season and every different time of the year makes Uruguay attractive at its own way and shows the country with unique characteristics. But, despite this, there might be tourists who would prefer the country's characteristics during a particular époque of the year.

What does summer offer?

Summer time offers a wide variety of different activities and places to meet which tourists could not enjoy in winter. One of these activities is the carnaval. During some summer weeks, Uruguay celebrates the "carnaval", a popular festivity full of activities traditional to the country, such as the appearance of "murgas" among many others. The "murgas" consist on group of people who sing their own letters, talking about the government, the news, and the society in general in a rather ironic tone.

Besides the particular activities which those who visit Uruguay in summer time could enjoy, this season also offers them the possibility to relax at the country beaches. Uruguay is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean at its east side, all the way from the north to the south area of the country. Along this coast line extension, there are many great beaches were those who love the sea can simply forget about the rest of the world and dream while sun bathing or enjoying a beautiful seaside landscape.

What does winter offer?

Although temperatures might be very cold sometimes, during winter time Uruguay offers tourists a lot of different activities and places to meet. Those who visit the capital, Montevideo, can always choose among a wide option of art related activities, since this city is famous by its cultural activities and artistic expression forms which can be seen through exhibitions, theaters, and concerts among many others. Besides all this, the country side can be very beautiful during winter time as well, and those who like country related landscapes should make sure to go to a ranch, a farm, or simply drive through the country side during their visit to Uruguay.



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