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Uruguayan Weather

Uruguay Weather: a general overview

Uruguay's weather shows important differences from one season to another, by being very hot during summer time and very cold during winter. Besides these variations according to the season, Uruguay's climate sometimes also varies within one same time of year as well due to the fact that now and then some rainy days appear and having an umbrella near by might be helpful. This way, it is very important for visitors to be aware of the season Uruguay is going through at any given time when they will be visiting it in order to be properly ready for it.

Summer time

Summer in Uruguay shows temperatires which go from 20ºC to 30ºC averagely. During this season weather is very nice and pleasant, especially after evenings when a light breeze makes it ideal for being outdoors. Those visitors who wish to meet Uruguay during this season should come between December and March, although during November and April they might find some summer-like days too. During summer time, many Uruguayans and tourists spend a great amount of their time at Uruguay coasts and beaches, ideally at the east ones since they are the less crowded and most beautiful ones, where people can relax while enjoying amazing landscapes.

Winter time

Winter time in Uruguay goes from June to September. During this season, this country can be very cold, with temperatures averagely ranging between 5ºC and 15ºC, although it might be warmer during day time and colder during nights. Despite of the cold, Uruguay still shows a unique personality during winter time and therefore it is very worthwhile visiting it during these days as well as during summer time.

Spring and autumn

Spring and autumn are very nice seasons in Uruguay. During spring time, within September and December, as days pass by and summer approaches temperatures start to rise from around 16ºC to 22ºC in average and the climate is perfect for those visitors who wish to meet different spots of the country by walking around. Autumn in Uruguay goes from March to June, and although temperatures start being lower each week, the climate is still nice and generally offers some ideal days for being outdoors.



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