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Uruguay Travel Tips

There are some important tips that might be good to take into account when planning to travel to Uruguay.

Uruguay Travel: to take into account

One of these tips to take into account is to know the public transport options in this country: The main public transport options you will find are buses and taxis. There are no trams or metros in this country, and there are some trains but these are very few and covering a very small amount of routes, so this is not the most convenient way to move around. Therefore, unless you will be using a car, you will have to move around using taxis and buses.

Another important tip is to know that the weather in Uruguay is very different from one season to the other. In summer the temperature can reach more than 35 degrees some days, while in winter it can be around 0 some days as well. In spring and autumn the temperatures tend to be milder. Therefore, it might be important for each traveler to take into account their climate preferences at the time of planning to travel to Uruguay.

Some other tips

It might also be important to know that the traffic in this country tends to be less organized than in other countries (than western European countries for example). This might be specially important to know at the time of planning to drive in this country since it might be a bit stress for people who drive here for the first time.

It is also important to know that when travelling to Uruguay in summer and having high temperatures people can dehydrate if they don´t drink enough water. Therefore, you might want to carry a bottle of water with you while walking around or going to the beach, and drink water often.

Also, do not walk around afraid but do be careful with your belongings. If possible, avoid walking around with expensive items, and do not let your belongings unattended in the beach or anywhere else.

If you travel to Uruguay in summer you should not miss the Atlantic coast beaches, and the options are not only limited to the famous Punta del Este: there is another beautiful place nearby called Piriapolis, and there are many more beautiful beaches in the department of Rocha.



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