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Uruguay Tourism

Uruguay Tourism: an overview

Tourism and travel are very significant in Uruguay, and actually is a very important resource for the country. This fact ensures travelers they will surely find their needs covered when traveling to Uruguay, since this country is always ready for receiving them and help them being as comfortable as possible.

What to expect

Tourism is a very important resource for Uruguay due to the great variety of interesting and appealing options it offers as well as the unique characteristics of the country which constantly attract people from the entire world. This way, this fact provides a good guarantee for travelers that they hardly would be deceived by choosing traveling to Uruguay as their tourism option.


Traveling to Uruguay can be a great experience for tourists of different preferences. This country can be highly enjoyed by those who like coasts and sea side areas, by those who like spending time at the country side, and by those who wish to meet interesting cities and towns as well. Each one of the different tourism option Uruguay offers is always marked by the peculiar characteristics and personality of the country, which is a unique attraction by itself.

Coasts and country lands

Uruguay's coasts, specially the ones located towards the northeastern area of the country are very beautiful and often surrounded by a very attractive natural surrounding. Many small beaches are very quiet and allow people to be in direct touch with nature and relax while being in a great environment.

Uruguay's country side is attractive by its unique characteristics and past. The past of this country has a strong relationship with the country side, where the “gauchos” would inhabit. Nowadays, this area of the country is still an important aspect of Uruguay’s culture and a major economy resource as well.


Travelers and tourists who visit Uruguay can always count on several tourist information spots available for them to ask for any guidance they might wish. Besides these information centers, most Uruguay people in general are very welcoming and friendly, and would always be willing to help travelers and provide them with any guidance they might need.



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