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Uruguay's Map and Uruguay's Flag

Uruguay's map and Uruguay's flag: a description

Uruguay can be found as a small size country located on the east coast of South America. It is represented by Uruguay flag which contains three colors: blue, white and yellow, and somehow symbolizes Uruguay map coastlines as with the colors of its waters and sun.

Uruguay's flag contains four bands of blue color intercalated with five bands of white color. At its upper left side, Uruguay flag has a yellow sun painted on a white background area. This flag can be seen at most of the Uruguay's main squares, historical areas and governmental buildings.

Uruguay Flag -

Uruguayan Flag


Some important aspects

Most of the times, Uruguay's map is represented showing the country's divisions known as departments. Uruguay map contains 19 departments: Montevideo, San José, Canelones, Colonia, Maldonado, Río Negro, Treinta y Tres, Florida, Flores, Rivera, Artigas, Durazno, Paysandú, Tacuarembó, Salto, Soriano, Lavalleja, Rocha and Cerro Largo.

Uruguay map -

Map of Uruguay


Even in the most schematic Uruguay map there must be the "Rio Negro", which means black river, horizontally crossing it at its middle. At any Uruguay map there can also beseen the Atlantic Ocean surrounding the east and south east border of the country, and the Rio de la Plata at the south area, which is the water extension existing between Montevideo and Buenos Aires.

Uruguay's flag contains blue, which is very representative of the influence which water has on the country.

Interesting data

Uruguay's map and Uruguay's flag contain some other characteristics that are important to name. One of the most interesting characteristics of Uruguay flag is that it has a face painted on its sun. Uruguay map has the characteristic of showing a very homogeneous and regular land area, due to the fact that this country does not have any mountains or important land level differences.

Uruguay's map and Uruguay’s flag are both, at their own manner, very symbolic or iconic of this country and its culture. Both these elements can be easily identified not only by Uruguayans but for many foreigners as well and make them instantly think of the country. Uruguay's flag and map are two of the first ways by which many people from different points of the world have their first approach to Uruguay, and therefore they are one of the first contacts they would have with this country and its culture.



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