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Uruguayan Football and its History

Early history of the football in Uruguay

Although it is difficult to know when the first football match was played in Uruguay in an unofficial way, it is known that the first formal match was played in 1881 by two English teams. The members of these teams were members of English clubs and had arrived to Uruguay through its port. After this first match, many other clubs and teams followed them and football started becoming part of the culture of Uruguay.

At endings of the 19th century, football had already become a passion for the youngest Uruguayans and football matches could be seen regularly, whether it was formal matches or matches played by groups of kids in a neighborhood.

Towards beginnings of the 20th century, football already was part of the Uruguayan society and daily life, and on March 30th in the year 1900 the Asociacion Uruguaya de Futbol (Uruguayan Football Associacion League) was founded.


Uruguay, known as La Celeste (“lightblue” as the color in the players t-shirts) was champion in 19 official FIFA competitions: 15 times in the Copa America, once for the Gold Cup in World Champions, twice in the Olympic Games (the predecessor of the current world championship competition) and in two World Championships.

The first world championship won by Uruguay was in the Olympic games of 1924 played in Paris, winning again in the following Olympic games of 1928 played in Amsterdam. After this, Uruguay and the South American football became greatly respected around the world.

Due to its victories, Uruguay was chosen as the country where the first World Cup championship would be carried out in 1930. In this championship, Uruguay became world champion again, after defeating Argentina 4-2. This way, Uruguay became the first football World Cup Champion and the protagonist of one of the most important moments in the history of football.

Twenty years later, in 1950, Uruguay became world champion in Football again after winning the Word Cup Championship carried out in Brazil. In this occasion, Uruguay defeated Brazil, becoming one of the most famous moments in the history of football again.



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