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Typical Uruguayan Food

Uruguay's food: a main ingredient in the country's traditions

Some of the typical Uruguayan food and dishes are part of the country's traditions and an element which often unites Uruguayans no matter in what place of the world they are. This way, one of the main aspects Uruguayans miss while being away from their country are these typical meals and flavors which are not easy to find at other places.

Unique meals and flavors

Uruguay's food is characterized by some main unique meals and flavors which are typical of the Uruguayan culture. The main Uruguayan meal and maybe the most worldwide known Uruguay food is the "asado". The Uruguayan "asado" consists on a specific variety of meat called "tira de asado", with "chorizos" and other meat related elements, cooked over fire wood in special ovens locally called "parrillero" and typical in Uruguay. This Uruguayan food owes its magic not only due to the meal itself, but to the way Uruguayans use to meet, cook it and eat it together, many times playing "truco", a typical Uruguayan playing-cards game.

asado being cooked, Uruguay -

Picture of an asado being cooked, Uruguay


Some of the main ingredients

Besides the Uruguayan food known as "asado" there also are several other unique ingredients which turn the typical Uruguayan cuisine into a very traditional and magical one. One of these other elements is the "dulce de leche", a type of creamy sweet ingredient which can be added to cookies, bread or even eaten by itself. The “dulce de leche” can not be described with words and just has to be tasted in order to know how amazing it is. Another main "ingredient" always present in Uruguayans' houses is the "mate", an infusion made of a herb typical from Uuguay and the region called "yerba mate".

what to ask for if you visit Uruguay

Those who visit Uruguay and wish to try Uruguay's food by tasting typical dishes would find a variety of options from which to choose. One of the main meals they should try is the "asado" as described before, but besides that, there also are other dishes recommendable not to miss while being in Uruguay. Among these other dishes there is the "milanesa", consisting on meet which is fried after being covered with milled bread and beaten eggs.

Milanesa Napolitana, Uruguay -

Picture of a Milanesa Napolitana, Uruguay


Another highly recommendable Uruguayan food visitors should try is the "chivito". The “chivito” consists on a unique type of meat sandwich containing several other ingredients such as bacon, cheese, tomatoes, eggs, olives, onions, mayonnaise, ketchup and many others which can be customized according to each person's preferences.

what to drink with Uruguayan food

A typical Uruguayan food should be accompanied with a typical Uruguayan drink. One of the most recommendable and typical Uruguayan drinks is the "clericó". The "clericó" consists on a combination of different wines and fruit juices, often apple juice although it can contain others as well. Besides this, and for those who enjoy a good cup of wine, there is the typical Uruguayan Tannat wine, which is traditional of this country and recognized to be among the best wines of the world.



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