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The Culture of Uruguay

Some main aspects of the culture of Uruguay

There are several main aspects which could be seen as having an important influence in Uruguay's culture. In order to learn and have a clear approach of how a country's culture is, it is very important to consider a variety of factors, such as its past and main historic events, its geography, its art expression forms, and its traditions among many others. Although a country's culture could never be accurately described through a few lines and maybe not even described with words at all; we will try to give an approach to the main aspects of Uruguay's culture within the next lines.>

The influence of the past

Several major events in the history of Uruguay have had a very important influence in this country's culture and the identity of its population. Uruguay culture was built through centuries of historical facts and events such as being invaded by foreign forces and fighting for the land back, receiving important amounts of European immigrants, going through a very severe dictatorship, recovering the democracy state, and suffering very a hard economical crisis, among others, have had a major role in molding the country's culture and the personality of its people.

Uruguayan traditions

Uruguayans are united by several traditions which are one of the main factors giving shape to the country's culture. Among these traditions we can name, for example, drinking "mate". The "mate", a beverage typical of the region, is a way through which Uruguayans socialize, and through it they could even recognize another fellow-citizen at any other spot in the world. Some other traditional elements of Uruguay are its music, the typical meals, and the "rambla" walks, among many more.

Many other factors

The geography of a country has a strong relationship with its people, their traditions, and their culture. This country, located towards the southern area of South America, does not have any mountains or important elevations from ground level. It goes through a rather cold winter and a very cold summer time, although not very extreme, and with moderate temperatures through spring and autumn.

Some seasons are very important in relation with Uruguay's traditions, like for example summer time. During some summer time weeks, Uruguay goes through "carnaval", and one of the most important events during these époque is the appearance of the "murgas" and their shows at the "tablados". The "murgas" are specifically Uruguayan and consist on a group of people who sang self made letters regarding the society, news, the government, and any important matter regarding actuality in a rather ironic and entertaining way.



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