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Tango Steps

Styles of tango steps

Tango steps might vary depending on the tango style of dance. There are several different styles of tango dance, starting by the two most renowned ones: the tango Uruguayo u Oriental (Uruguayan or Oriental tango), and the tango Argentino (Argentinean tango). But besides these, and as tango spread throughout the world, there also are several other different styles of this dance, such as the ballroom tango, Finnish tango, tango salon, tango cayengue, and tango orillero, among others.

Argentinean and Uruguayan tango

Argentinean tango and Uruguayan tango steps are the styles which gave birth to the tango dance and other styles. This tango style is more versatile than others and the steps can vary from one moment to the other following the music. The couple embraces with flexibility to allow this to happen fluidly.

Ballroom tango

Ballroom tango differs from the Uruguayan and Argentinean one in some aspects. This tango style is danced with less flexibility and the embrace is more rigid. In ballroom tango, the steps are always kept on the level of the floor, which differs from Uruguayan and Argentinean tango where some steps allow the female legs to be carried up or be hooked up around the male dancer.



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