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Soriano Uruguay

Soriano Uruguay: location

Soriano is one of the 19 departments of Uruguay. This department is located towards the southwest area of the country, bordering with the Río Uruguay to the southwest, the Río Negro to the north, the department of Colonia to the south, and the department of Flores to the east.

A historic place

From the point of view of history, Soriano is one a very rich Uruguayan department. Soriano has been the land to which the "33 Orientales" arrived; a group of men who leaded a revolution against the invaders that were ruling over the Uruguayan territory. These men, along with many others who joined them, conquered the freedom of the Uruguayan territory.

The flag of Soriano

The flag of Soriano was created in honor to the important historical events that took place in that department. This flag shows two blue bands, two red bands, and a white band in the center with the inscription "Aquí Nació la Patria". Its blue bands represent the two biggest rivers of the country, on which Soriano has coasts. The red bands represent the blood lost in the big revolutions and historical events that took place in this department.

Soriano Uruguay: its capital

The capital city of Soriano, as well as its largest city, is Mercedes. This city is located towards the southern side of the Rio Negro, and has a population of approximately 42,050 inhabitants. Mercedes was founded in 1788 but did not become the capital of Soriano until the year 1857. The economy of Mercedes depends on a variety of services and products, among which we can remark agriculture and industrial products.



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