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Department of San Jose, Uruguay

San Jose, Uruguay: introduction

San Jose is one of the 19 departments of Uruguay, and has San Jose de Mayo as its capital. This department has approximately 103,200 inhabitants and a land area of about 4,990 km2, in such a way that it counts with a population density of around 20 inhabitants per km2.


The department of San Jose has several cities with a variety of sizes and amount of inhabitants. Some of these cities are: San José de Mayo with about 33,400 inhabitants, Delta del Tigre with about 14,200 inhabitants, Libertad with about 8,400 habitants, Playa Pascual with about 4,600 inhabitants, and Puntas de Valdez with about 1,100 inhabitants, among others.

Some attractions

San Jose has several attractions which visitors should not miss. One of these attractions is the Teatro Macio, a construction built at beginnings of the 20th century in honor to Don Bartolomé Mació and which has become an icon of this department. Other interesting attraction visitors should not miss is the Pirámide de la Paz, a historical monument constructed towards endings of the 19th century at the Plaza de los 33.

Other of the main attractions this department offers is the Museo departamental, a construction of typical colonial style where visitors can enjoy different exhibitions, cultural activities and spectacles. Besides of the mentioned attractions, this department counts with several others, among which we can name, for example, the Catedral Basílica, the Capilla Nuestra Señora del Huerto, the Cabaña Paullier, the Quinta del Horno, the summer resort area Boca del Cufré, the Playa Pascual, and the summer resort Kiyú, among others.



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