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Salto, Uruguay

An overview

The department of Salto is located towards the northwestern area of Uruguay. This department borders with Paysandu to the south, with Argentina to the west, with Tacuarembo and Rivera to the east, and with Artigas to the north. The capital of Salto is the city of same name.

This department has an area of 14.163 km2 and a population of about 99.072 inhabitants, with a density of population of approximately 8,7 inhabitants per km2. The inhabitants of Salto are called Salteños.

Some interesting facts of Salto

This department was named Salto (jump) in honor to the way in which in some parts of the River Uruguay the water seems to jump. The Represa de Salto Grande, the main hydroelectric central of Uruguay, is located in this department.

Salto has several sources of thermal waters, being this one of the main tourist attractions of the country. Besides this, this department also has sources of semi-precious stones, being this, along with tourism and livestock related activities, the main sources of income of its population.



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