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Department of Rivera, Uruguay

Rivera, Uruguay: overview

The department of Rivera is located towards the north eastern area of Uruguay, and is one of the most attractive places of the country, especially during summer time since it has a beautiful coastline and very attractive beaches. This department has an area of 9.370 km2 and a population of about 104.925 inhabitants.

The capital of Rivera is the city of same name, located where the department borders with Brazil. This border consists on a street, in such a way that just by crossing it you could be either in Brazil (Santana do Livramento) or in Uruguay (Rivera). This border is famous by that characteristic and by the International Square located in that street, renowned as the only international square in the world.

Urban centers

Following the capital, some of the most important cities or urban centers of Rivera are: Tranqueras (with about 5.845 inhabitants), Mandubi (with about 3.610 inhabitants), Vichadero (with about 3.345 inhabitants), Minas de Corrales (about 2.935 inhabitants), and La Pedrera (about 2.435 inhabitants).


Rivera, and the sister Brazilian city of Santana do Livramento, have a great amount of shops and Duty Free shops offering a wide variety of local and international products. This way, this is one of the main attractions of this department, and those tourists who enjoy shopping would surely have fun visiting Rivera.



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