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Paysandu, Uruguay

Some characteristics

Paysandu is one of the Uruguayan departments which borders with the Rio Uruguay, limiting with Argentina through it. Besides this, it borders with the department of Rio Negro to the south, with Salto to the north, and with Tacuarembo to the east.

The capital of the department of Paysandu is the city of same name. This department has an area of 13.922 km2 and a population of about 84.165 inhabitants, with a density of population of approximately 8.1 inhabitants per km2.

Paysandu, Uruguay: interesting facts

This department is an important industrial and commercial centre in Uruguay, as well as an important point in the connection with Argentina since it is where the International Bridge General Artigas is located, one of the main connection points between both countries.

Following the city of Paysandu, other important cities and towns in this department are: Nuevo Paysandu, Guichon, Gallinal, Quebracho, and Piedras Coloradas.



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