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Montevideo, Capital City of Uruguay

The Peculiarities of This Capital

Montevideo is the Capital of Uruguay and contains some interesting characteristics which make it be very attractive to visitors. To start with, this is Uruguay's main city due to the great amount of people who lives in it. Actually, 1.4 million people lives there, while the total of Uruguay's population is of about 3.5 million. Therefore, the way in which this capital concentrates this really high percentage of the country's population is unusual.

This capital city concentrates an important amount of the country's main attractions, although there is a great amount of other very interesting places and attractions for visitors to meet in the rest of the country as well. Iconic uruguayan places such as the Solis theater, the old city, the Parque Rodo (amusements park), the Cerro fortress, or the rambla (among others) can be visited in Montevideo.

Buildings and coast of Montevideo city, Uruguay  -

Some buildings and coast of Montevideo city


Coastline of Montevideo -

Coastline of Montevideo


Some of the Main Characteristics and Attractions of this Capital

One of the main characteristics of Montevideo is its coastline. The capital of Uruguay has a long coastline full of beaches, which gives the city a beautiful and special personality. Along this coastline (locally known as "la rambla"), most of the times there are a lot of Uruguayans walking or sitting in front of the beach while drinking "mate" (one of the most typical uruguayan drinks).

There are several other interesting places and attractions to visit in this city. For example, its local street markets, called ferias. There are different food and clothes' ferias which open about once a week at many neighborhoods throughout the city, and they are very characteristic of Montevideo and uruguayan’s culture. Besides this, this capital also offers several other interesting places to meet among which there are parks, squares, and many historic buildings such as the Palacio Salvo in the old city.

Palacio Salvo Building, Montevideo, Uruguay -

Palacio Salvo, Iconic Building in the Capital of Uruguay


The Weather

Montevideo's weather is similar to the rest of Uruguay; it averagely ranges between 15ºC and 2ºC in winter and between 32ºC and 20ºC in summer. During summer time, from December to March, there might be temperatures higher than 32ºC during day time, while nights usually are very enjoyable. During this season uruguayans enjoy outdoor activitites such as taking a stroll at the "rambla".



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