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Florida, Uruguay

Florida: an overview

The department of Florida is located towards the center-south area of Uruguay and borders with other 6 departments: Lavalleja to the east, Flores to the north-west, Durazno to the north, Treinta y Tres to the north-east, San Jose to the south-west, and Canelones to the south. The inhabitants of this department are called Floridenses.

This department has an area of approximately 10.417 km2 and a population of about 68.200 inhabitants, with a population density of about 6,6 inhabitants per km2. The capital of this department is called Florida as well and has a population of approximately 32.130 inhabitants.

The economy of this department is based on agricultural activities, being an important producer of wheat, oats, corn, and sunflower, among others. It is also an important provider of milk: about 40% of the Uruguayan milk is produced in the department of Florida.

Some historical facts

Although it already had a urban settlement since 1760, Florida was legally recognized as a department in July of 1856. The first chapel of this department was built in honor to Nuestra Señora de Luján. Around 1805 a church was built in this area and a priest was sent, being this one of the main factors attracting inhabitants.

Other interesting fact to know is that at the shore of the Santa Lucia Chico river, in the Prado of the city of Florida, is located the Piedra Alta, where the Uruguayan independence was declared.



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