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Flores, Uruguay


The Uruguayan department of Flores is located towards the south western area of the country. It borders with the following departments: Rio Negro, Durazno, San Jose, Florida, Soriano, and Colonia. This department has an area of 5,144 km2 and a population of approximately 25,500 inhabitants. Most of these inhabitants, about 21,000 live in the capital, Trinidad.

After Trinidad, some other important towns or populated areas in Flores are: Ismael Cortinas, Andresito, and La Casilla; almost most of the people from Flores who don't live in Trinidad live in the rural area of the department.

Interesting facts about Flores

The capital of this department was founded in April of 1804, while the department was created several decades after, in 1885. The geography of this department shows several formations of arenaceous, often of a reddish color, and interesting grottos. La Cuchilla Grande, a group of geographical undulations, is located in this department as well.

The economy of Flores is based on many different activities, such as the cultivation of corn, wheat, sunflowers, and the production of cheese, wool, bricks, and leather. The production of wool and cheese are among the most important for the department.

According to the 2004 census, the average age of the inhabitants of Flores was of 34,2 years old, there was 97,5 men every 100 women, and the average amount of people per house was of three. The average amount of children per woman was of 2,1. Also, according to such census, women had an average life expectancy of 81,1 years and men 72,98 years.



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