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The city of Salto, Uruguay

Salto, Uruguay: where is it?

Salto is a very attractive Uruguayan department located on the eastern coast of the Uruguay River, in front of the Argentinean city of Concordia. The city of Salto is the capital of the department, and is a very picturesque city due to the way it maintains a charming relaxing environment although it is among the main tourism destinations of the country and receives an important amount of visitors all year long.

Its hot springs

The department of Salto, in Uruguay, has several amazing hot spring which are among the main attractions of the region. Salto's hot springs are called Termas del Arapey, and are famous by their relaxing characteristics as well as by its therapeutic proprieties, due to the way their waters combine an ideal temperature, minerals, and a great environment. These hot springs are located at about 80 kilometers north from the city of Salto.

Visiting the hot springs

Visiting Salto's hot springs is a must for those tourists who visit this department. This Uruguayan destination offers several facilities and accommodations ensuring tourists of spending a great time while relaxing in the different hot spring's pools. These facilities and accommodations show a range of different prices and are available year around due to the fact that Salto's hot springs are ideal to be visited any time, always offering warm waters and an enjoyable environment.

Other attractions

Besides the Termas del Arapey, Salto also offers several other interesting things to do and places to meet, such as for example, its theaters, its squares and parks, its coastlines and its zoo. Salto’s city has two main theaters offering plays and art related activities on a regular basis due to the fact that art expressions and culture are an important aspect of this city. Besides this, those tourists who enjoy green or open areas could have a great time by visiting some of Salto’s parks and squares, where they could relax while being surrounded by trees or meet interesting monuments and constructions.

On the Uruguay River coast line there are several interesting landscapes to meet as well as some beautiful spots ideal for refreshing during summer time. Another interesting place to visit in Salto is its zoo, a natural park which is home of more than 150 species, some of them autochthonous. Those tourists who love animals should make sure of visiting this zoo, where they could meet several exotic and beautiful animals in a great environment.



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