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Information About Canelones, Uruguay


Canelones is a Department of Uruguay located on the south of the country and next to Montevideo, the capital. This department comprehends a territory that goes from the area known as Arroyo Carrasco, near the main Uruguayan airport (the Aeropuerto Internacional de Carrasco), to the Arroyo Solis Grande.

Canelones, Uruguay: Resorts

Canelones has a great number of beaches spread throughout its coastline. These beaches vary in size and popularity, in such a way that visitors could always find one where they would feel comfortable and enjoy. Canelones counts with a very attractive coast line in which visitors can find a variety of summer spots and resorts. Among these places and resorts, we can name, for example, Cuchilla Alta, Santa Lucía del Este, Santa Ana, Costa Azul, La Floresta, Parque del Plata, Atlántida, Pinamar, Salinas, El Pinar, and the Ciudad de la Costa among others.

Atlantida beach, Canelones, Uruguay.

Picture of a beach in Atlántida, Canelones, Uruguay.


Having Fun

There's a wide range of options and possibilities available for visitors to be able to have fun in Canelones, no matter what their age or preferences are. This area of Uruguay can be perfect for relaxing and loosing stress as well as for going out at night, dancing, and having fun until the sun rises.


Besides its coastline and nightlife, Canelones is also very attractive due to its natural landscapes. Besides this, this area has two zoos and a variety of unique parks, being perfect for anybody who wishes to relax and breathe fresh air while being surrounded by green areas and trees.



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