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Department of Artigas, Uruguay

Some characteristics

The department of Artigas is located on the northern area of Uruguay, bordering with Brazil to the north, with Argentina to the west, and with de department of Salto to the south.

This department has an area of 11.019 km2 and a population of about 41.687 inhabitants, with a density of population of approximately 6,4 inhabitants per km2. The capital city of Artigas is the city of same name. The inhabitants of this department are called artiguenses.

Artigas, Uruguay: some facts

The economy of the department of Artigas is mainly based on farm products and livestock related activities. Besides this, this department has sources of agates and amethysts. The industry of sugar is very important in this department as well.

Following the city of Artigas, some of the main urban centers or towns of this department are: Bella Union, Tomas Gomensoro, Baltasar Brum, Las Piedras, and Pintadito, among others.




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