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How is the Music of Uruguay Like?

Uruguayan Music: how is it like?

In Uruguay, there are some typical music styles which can not be found in the same way at any other place. These styles are locally called "candombe" and "murga music". Besides the candombe and murgas, Uruguay is also represented by several other music styles which combine rhythms such as rock with a typical Uruguayan rhythm. Uruguay is home of many great musicians who help making Uruguay's music world wide known.


The "candombe" is a typical Uruguayan music style,based on an adaptation from African rhythms and produced by “tamboriles”, a drum which is typical to Uruguay. Candombe music can be easily found and enjoyed during Uruguay's carnival season, when "comparsas", consisting on a large group of people with drums, walk while playing their music accompanied by others who dance following the rhythm of the candombe.


The "murgas" consist on a group of people who combine music and acting by performing their art expression in a very unique and interesting way. Murgas are composed by a small group of people who sing letters about the country's society, politics, and news among other topics in an ironic and funny way. Besides singing these letters in a very unique style, some murgas would also act and represent short stories or parodies in the same range of topics of their song letters.

During carnival season, Uruguay becomes full of spots called "tablados" which are temporary theaters spread in the main cities, and where murgas, parodists and other groups in the same style perform their artistic expression, their music and acting activities in front of important amounts of spectators.

Fusions of styles

Besides the typical Uruguayan music styles, artists and musicians of this country also create and combine styles from other origins with their own. Some Uruguay rock bands, for example, have composed amazing songs which combine rock with candombe rhythm. This way, Uruguay music shows a clear own style which is usually always given to the music Uruguayans create. Music is very important in Uruguay and musicians who play the rhythms of their country transmit a part of the heart of Uruguay's traditions and culture through this art expression.



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