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Interesting Facts And Information about Uruguay

A Small Yet Big Country

Uruguay is a very beautiful small sized South American country, often known as the heart-shaped country. Although the geographical size of this country is very small, it is a faithful representation of the fact that quality can not be measured based on quantity, since its people, its lands, its attractions and its coastlines are of a very good quality.

Some Facts

The complete name of this country is República Oriental del Uruguay, and its capital is Montevideo. It has a population of about 3.5 million people, and 1.4 million of them live in the capital. This country's population, composed by Charrúa natives in its origins, nowadays is mainly composed by European descendants and concentrates some other different ethnics and races as well.


coastline of Montevideo, Capital of Uruguay -

The Coastline of Montevideo, the Capital City


The main language of Uruguay is Spanish, although many of its inhabitants are able to communicate in a secondary language as well. This country has a very high educational level population from which about 98% of the males and 97% of the females are literates, while 77% of them reach a high school educational level.

Some Of the History of this Country

After being taken and disputed between Portugal and Spain for almost two centuries, Uruguay could successfully revolt against its invaders and became an Independent Republic in August 25, 1825. After that, this country established its first Constitution in July 18, 1830.

The national hero of this country is José Artigas and the first constitutional President was Fructuoso Rivera.

Resources And Economy

The most important main resources of Uruguay are based on its live stock, agriculture and services. This country exports live stock and many live stock related products of high quality, such as meat, leather and wool, as well as agriculture related products in general. It is internationally known as a very reliable and responsible country from which good quality products can be expected.

Much of the economy of Uruguay is based on tourism and services. Due to the high educational level of this country’s population and its small geographical size, it bases an important amount of its income on the production and sale of high quality services.



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